Yippee! Comments!

Okay, I’ve been trying to do as asked, but my head is starting to hurt… Having comments closed does NOT make things easier!

Please feel free to interact… (^_^)


2 thoughts on “Yippee! Comments!

  1. Oh Les, I loved your description of your “dream”… wow!!!

    But now I’m confused, are we all moving over to here as opposed to the section we’re all commenting on now??

    The part about groups of people demonstrating/rioting (can’t remember exactly what it was?) and using it against each other, is exactly what is happening in our country right now… and it’s all to do with toxic politics and politicians, which I don’t know much about and have no desire to find out… just endless endless corruption, nepotism, manipulation, and everything that goes along with all that…

    I also realise it’s part of the darkness and the “bad stuff” coming to the surface, and I don’t buy into any of it, but it’s still sad to watch it happen…

    1. Hi, Steffie! I think what I’ll next time is just post the whole dream on STC so we don’t have to jump around, that seems easier… 🙂

      Yeah, I got the sense that’s going on… We’re so insulated here… I feel for you and everyone else… I sure hope things clear up quickly, and I’m glad you’re able to separate from it somewhat…

      Love you!

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