Insulating Yourself From Fear and Quaking


Here’s a photo of an “object” that Lhamo Dorje led me to create several months ago.

I always thought it was kind of cool, but didn’t realize that it actively performs a function, until I happened upon some YouTube videos about making Organone.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Organone”, just snoop around a bit on the Net, and you’ll be rewarded.

Today I was told that an assembly similar to this one can deflect and lessen the effects of negative energy, from many sources. It works much like an Organone device, by absorbing and transmuting negative energy.


3 thoughts on “Insulating Yourself From Fear and Quaking

    1. Oh, wait, I have to concentrate if I read that, so maybe after dinner! ;D But I do recall reading it when I first found your wonderful blog… So I look forward to re-reading it, and I’m glad you added your link! I’m sure they are connected!

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